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The Society was formed in 1951 to bring together enthusiasts, collectors, scholars and professional experts to further the study, collection and preservation of arms and armour.


It continues to provide a relaxed and friendly forum for collectors and students of arms and armour, amateur and professional, young and old, to share their interests and learn more about their passion. Members have a broad range of interests including armour, edged weapons, firearms and other military and civilian arms from all over the world and from all periods.

The Society has a quarterly newsletter that keeps members in touch with the activities of the Society and major happenings in the world of arms and armour. It also publishes an internationally respected journal twice a year that reports original research.

Membership is open to those who share this interest and this enables participation in monthly meetings and talks in London, visits to places of arms and armour interest and the opportunity to seek help and advice from other members.


Also the Society keeps an eye on matters affecting the collection and ownership of arms, in particular legislation, and makes appropriate representations on behalf of its members, in order to safeguard their interests. It is a member of the Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors.

If you take pleasure in the collection or study of armour, swords, firearms and other arms, it will be greatly enhanced by membership of this Society, which will bring you into contact with others sharing your interest, including many of the world’s leading experts.

It will also enable you to take an active part in furthering your knowledge and that of your fellow members and, by joining with them, helping to safeguard the continuing collection, preservation and study of arms and armour.


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