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Meeting Programme

The Society holds monthly online meetings and quarterly hybrid face-to-face/online meetings in London, with a break in August. Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month. The Society also holds other meetings occasionally.

Details of these meetings and how to join them are circulated to members by email.

Meeting Programme to August 2024

  • 4th January 2024. Zoom. ‘What did you get/buy yourself for Christmas? Show and tell, show and ask?’
  • 1st February 2024. Zoom. Matthew Schneiderman. ‘A History of Priming-Powder and Primer Magazines.’
  • 7th March Tower/Hybrid. Alan Williams. ‘Damascus (Watered) Steel – a re-appraisal.’
  • 4th April Zoom Two short talks: Natalie Jiricny, ‘Recognising Ivory’ and Dickon Whitewood, ‘A medieval helmet?’.
  • 2nd May Zoom. Annual General Meeting.
  • 6th June. Tower/Hybrid. ‘Henry VIII’s Gun Shield: Arming The Mary Rose.’ Simon Metcalf and friends
  • 4th July Zoom. To be confirmed.
  • 1st August Break.

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